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I am bouyed on a sea of support. Truly I am kept afloat with flowers (have maintained the hospital ones up until now with care and still have 6 displays), cards, chocolates and today 2 great surprises: Margi Brown Ash sent a special parcel – not only Dr Seuss’ ‘Oh the Places You’ll go’ (read with delight at once and Mike has promised to read aloud after lunch today), a set of classic comic movies and paper doll cutouts written on by folk at the Theatre Conference that I missed out on going to! I loved this especially because, while I still consider theatre my core love and community of interest, I have had so many years as a bureaucrat that I would have understood them forgetting me altogether – but I am remembered with affection and their greetings warmed me through. Thanks Margi, you’re an angel! The other surprise was a piece of mythical writing by my sister Maureen Cook and a long term friend Cecily Slade. They cast me as the jester which is spot on and heaped accolades, I am sure undeserved but poetic nonethless, such as:’creator of the sublimely of the world of the mind, healer of those who are weary…nurturer of the truly good, whole and beautiful, gardener of nature and of life…’ I requested a dose of what they were on when they wrote it but loved their belief in me and in my future. Local press is coming today to photograph my garden as I have won the local garden competition. Been out wandering around this morning reviewing it with Mike helping to blow leaves away. I am in a great environment to heal and I am sure the garden will have a place in that – and the sand and sea.


About pipsky

A creative, generous 64 year old with a PhD in Performance Studies trying to grow old disgracefully while working like mad in regional Queensland, squeezing the juice out of every day & still trying to find the balance that will maintain the quiet mind that makes her useful to others and nice to live with.

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  1. Hi Judy lots of beautiful thoughts coming your way. I’m sure your garden is lovely – a reflection of you and Mike.
    I’m on holiday in central QLD with my 2 grand daughters. We’ve been sieving for saphires and playing mini golf. The 8yr old has to be the loudest child in the known universe. Later we are going frog hunting in the next door nieghbours toilet. Oh the simple joys of country living.
    with much love to you

  2. hi jude, i can just see you in your garden. may the flowers turn towards you, and formally recognise your spirit! how i love reading your blog. it is such a generous act to all of your friends who care so much for this spirit, your outrageously alive and invigorating spirit.
    warmest margi

  3. Hey…congratulations on the garden win….great stuff… really sound like you are in good space….you are always in our thoughts and we keep up with your journey through this blog
    which is a comfort to me as I wish I could be with you ….keep happy sunshine..very proud of you….you have such inner strength….you know I am only a phone call away….
    Love Helen.

  4. Hey Judy gal,
    Better late than never, I’ve just found your blog. Great news all round and it’s good to know you are taking it easy and taking pleasure in your home and natural environs, there’s a lot to be said for those sea ions…

    Stay well my friend and we’ll talk soon.
    Love aud


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