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Red Soil White Sugar

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Friday night was  a special occasion. The community production ‘Red Soil White Sugar’ was premiered in Childers.  I had been part of the production team until the cancer diagnosis and Mike was to play a major part. I grieved for the loss of the connection as I have little enough chance to be around live theatre these days and I believe they missed me – they were kind enought to reward me with a magnificent bunch of native flowers for my role in the early stages and I could see bits of Pippen influence in many of the scenes still (not to mention several of my household chairs amongst the props).  There would have been 200 people n the audience, including playwright Errol O’Neill and they responded very well to the story of the 1911 sugar strike and the industrial action surrounding it. What I loved most though was the thing that brings me back to community theatre time and again- the enthusiasm and commitment of the local volunteer actors, the distance that the high school students playing parts had travelled over the rehearsal period, the dignity of the Childers matrons playing male roles with aplomb, scaling the unprotected entrance stairs and not letting anything unnerve them. It was a tough call. Errol had sourced material from the period with its legal trials and political diatribe.  The cast took it in their stride, and while there were a few moments when the prompt was kept busy, the characters told the story with intelligence and clarity.  David Horner, Director, perfectionist, terrier for detail; Tony Carey of Treble, composer who went way beyond the brief in a generous flowering of creativity; Gillyee of the costume genius and milliner extradorinaire. Bravo!


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A creative, generous 64 year old with a PhD in Performance Studies trying to grow old disgracefully while working like mad in regional Queensland, squeezing the juice out of every day & still trying to find the balance that will maintain the quiet mind that makes her useful to others and nice to live with.

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  1. Oh Jude, I have just read thru the entire blog – what a journey for you.
    I can understand the hand stitching thing – a couple of years ago I went off to an art retreat with textile artist Glenys Mann. During that she talked about the energy for women of sitting with your hands in your lap stitching, a round circle -, a particularly female energy. So when I am feeling the need and I manage to remember, I do sit and hand stitch.
    I am coming up to Maleny for a weekend in November for the Grandmothers Conference which is another group you might like to know about – my friend Christine Shand is one of the organisers. She lives on Mt Tamborine. A wonderful woman we met in Texas all those years ago. Also the best masseuse I have ever had. Very spiritual grounded person. Perhaps that weekend might be something for you too if your energy and willingness is there. Google the Grandmothers stuff – Sharon Mc something – about balancing the yin and yang energy of the world so that we bring in more peace.
    I would love to have some time with you in your beautiful house sitting and stitching. Perhaps we can put that on the agenda. I’ll also look up your FB page and join with you as a friend to stay in touch more.
    Big big love,


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