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Body-mine- Portrait of a mastectomy

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photographer Mike lean

Photographer Mike Lean


About pipsky

A creative, generous 64 year old with a PhD in Performance Studies trying to grow old disgracefully while working like mad in regional Queensland, squeezing the juice out of every day & still trying to find the balance that will maintain the quiet mind that makes her useful to others and nice to live with.

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  1. A lovely statement, Jude, set against sea and sky: balanced, poised, positive – finding beautiful ways to show it like it is, to share it like it is. Thank you to both of you

  2. Beautiful dear one. My love to you and mike.

  3. Jude, you look beautiful – vibrant.

  4. Wow. Bless you for sharing this incredible journey with us Jude. It is v special to be along for the ride even if only on a tiny iPhone screen as I ride the bus to work or check my email between meetings. You are
    one helluva mighty sheila Pipsky! Looking forward to a big hug when next our paths cross.
    Hope you and Mike have a great Chrissy/new year.

  5. A beautiful positive photo, Jude, with that glorious backdrop – best wishes, Suzanne.

  6. Great to see you looking so strong and creative Judy. Have a peaceful Christmas and great start to the New Year. Love from Jon, Sum, and Melinda/Mindi

  7. …captured with love and skill by Mike…the strips of sky water and sand as background to a familiar smiling gorgeous bejewelled woman…..triangles of ocean and sand captured above and below your outstretched arms…and underlined by the reveal of your horizontal scars…an image which is close to perfect in every way…. great collaboration!

  8. Beautiful GrandMamma Goddess of the Sea and Sky – Venus rising, transcendent, vibrant and beaming.

  9. I stumbled across your photo which linked to this blog post. Tears are in my eyes and not from sadness. It is because you are so beautiful and defiant and healthy. I may not know you, but the message you have sent me this morning is one I may never forget. Thank you!

  10. Carrie Parkinson

    Hi Judy, I just found out that I have extensive DCIS. I’m pretty devastated. But your inspiring video and blog gives me strength. I have to have a double mastectomy at 45 and I will sleep better tonight for knowing how this might look. I will still be me after all this is over and I will own my scars. This knowledge has lessened my fear. Thank you! You are a beautiful woman inside and out. Loves, light and peace, Carrie xxx

    • HI Carrie
      You can do it- one day at a time – owning the scars is important I believe – caring for them with bio oil, massaging the fluid away – saying thanks for the mammaries- and for still being here to enjoy life! tattooing has meant a lot to me as I decided not to do the reconstruction but you may decide to go for that as you are much younger than me – with the tatts I don’t see the scars and my husband finds them sexy! All the best for the journey and take any support that is offered to you through the Breast Cancer Nurse in your region. They are a fabulous resource for us.


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