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It is early morning. A wretched few days & nights battling intense stomach pain; the 6th day chemo trial for me it seems. Beyond sleep I have dug into the bottom of the sewing basket and retrieved an old ceramic headed clown doll with a leg off and costume awry that has awaited mending for over 10 years. I am focusing on the task as if  there is some kind of urgency; as if it has some importance in my transient existence. His ruffle is replaced, the leg secure, sleeves gathered once more on this miniature Grimaldi. The shattered head is long mended, if poorly, but cries out for tufts of orange crazy wool to cover the scars. An orange cummerbund would finish the costume and have him ready for a shelf performance. I will find them today.


About pipsky

A creative, generous 64 year old with a PhD in Performance Studies trying to grow old disgracefully while working like mad in regional Queensland, squeezing the juice out of every day & still trying to find the balance that will maintain the quiet mind that makes her useful to others and nice to live with.

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  1. clowns are wonderful things, and a shelf performance is just the ticket if one is house bound. i wonder what that clown could tell us about its life Jude? i would be interested in that…i am sending a bucket or three of relief. may it flow over you asap. much love margi

  2. My Dad (remember Vince?) always had a thing about “sending in the clowns”: he saw it as a fail-safe resource when dark clouds gathered and his world was under threat. He had a lovely knack of acknowledging the “clown” in each of us, but had a sense of the chief clown somehow being himself! You shared his knack, Jude, of discovering and releasing the clown in us all. Bec used to love the way you could set free the crazy, zany joy of being alive – just by being you. And we have some brilliant black and white pics to prove it! So Jude, send in the clowns …. don’t worry, they’re here!!!

    Our love as always, Brian

  3. Hi Judy I hope things have improved for you. Clowns fall down then pick themselves up, shake off the blues, and go on to make more mischief – like you! Much love and big hugs.


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