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Karl Neuenfeldt, musicologist, lover, collector and creator of fine, soul-touching music across cultures, producer of Seaman Dan’s successful recordings and Seaman Dan himself, singer and musician from the Torres Strait, his tuneful crooning voice strong into his 80th year, both sit in my living room. I have prepared a luncheon and they have come to gift me with healing song. My sister Maureen arrives in time to share the meal and the impromptu concert. Close friends in life and music, Andea and John, are here to support me and the visit. Karl has a ukelele and guitar which he handles with mastery and affection as long-held extensions of his body that bridge the space between his loving heart and his complex world. Seaman Dan goes easily and gently into his favourite tunes: ‘I’m From TI’, “Welcome to the Torres Strait’. They play new versions from the album currently in production that will revitalise Nat King Cole melodies with Seaman’s unique warm-honeyed croon.  Seaman ‘performs’ from the comfort of the Jason recliner with a tender smile to each in turn embracing us as audience. His hands occasionally move out in a gesture of intimate gifting. We are all in his spell. I look at the faces of my guests – soft cheeks, loose jaws, eyes relaxed and open. They are in the spirit of this gifting. They understand the exchange, know instinctively how to receive and to give back from their focused presence. I have always been more comfortable giving than receiveing. Today I open to the gift- humbled and privileged by their presence. I soak in every rhythm, every tone, every gesture. The room is suffused with a gentle healing love. The meal is a success. The farewells affectionate. We all vow to visit the Torres Strait without delay! Even after all the evidence of the visit is cleared away the space is filled with echoes of sound and feeling; the memory enriched with forever images of healing love in action.


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A creative, generous 64 year old with a PhD in Performance Studies trying to grow old disgracefully while working like mad in regional Queensland, squeezing the juice out of every day & still trying to find the balance that will maintain the quiet mind that makes her useful to others and nice to live with.

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