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The first week of March brought son John from Melbourne, marked the advent of Mike’s 70th and my 65th years and closed with the sixth and final session of chemotherapy. John will remember this as his ‘yum’ holiday as we ate our favourite foods – corned beef in white sauce, lamb roast, barramundi home made pesto… there were talks deep into the night about human potential. There was a lot of love about.


About pipsky

A creative, generous 64 year old with a PhD in Performance Studies trying to grow old disgracefully while working like mad in regional Queensland, squeezing the juice out of every day & still trying to find the balance that will maintain the quiet mind that makes her useful to others and nice to live with.

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  1. Edward Bassett

    Family and friends-they are certainly the gift we give ourselves,and I cherish all that we can accomplish through the sharing of our lives.
    My brother Bill goes into hospital for a procedure with his Prostrate this week,Judy-and he rang me the other night and stressed that I look you up on this site.I am sorry to hear of your dilemma with the dreaded “C” but am inspired by your courage and attitude to all that accompanies the journey to a healthy state.
    My fond regards to you,Mike, Aunty Moira,Maureen,& Paul and family.
    I remain your friend & your cousin
    Love from Nola ( & Eddy)
    p.s the website is Eddys .lol


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