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My oncologist rang yesterday. I had asked her to check my file and see what percentage advantage there was in taking the hormone blocking medication for 5 years, as it was causing several side effects that were difficult to live with. I hoped she would say 3% and I would take the risk and get my body back into some kind of natural rhythm. However she said that the risk was certainly higher than a few percent – with the two aggressive cancers in the breast and the single node that had metastasized. These few years were the last window of opportunity to clear the system of the rogue cells. ‘We could not be having this conversation in 2 years. If the cancer has taken hold by then it will be untreatable. You wont want to say at that time- there was one opportunity that I did not take up…’  So I am going on the second option of drug: Tamoxifen, the old tried and true that may have fewer side effects and be better for my bones than the Arimidex. Will start this new challenge next week. A sobering reminder that I am not out of the woods yet!



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A creative, generous 64 year old with a PhD in Performance Studies trying to grow old disgracefully while working like mad in regional Queensland, squeezing the juice out of every day & still trying to find the balance that will maintain the quiet mind that makes her useful to others and nice to live with.

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  1. pipsky, thanks for letting us know…sometimes with the lightness of your posts, it seems like all is well…all done and dusted…but of course, it is not…much love…

  2. Ouch! Well thank heavens for straight talking doctors. I’ve been researching Vit D for my husbands Myeloma and came across some studies that suggests it may help alleviate bone pain, and Tamoxifen related bone pain. Heaps of stuff on the net.


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