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My name is Jude Pippen, I’m 64 years old and have been diagnosed with agressive breast cancer in late August. Now that September has rolled around I’m going in for surgery. This will be my journal, my place to write how I am feeling and what is going on with me through my journey with breast cancer. The before, the surgery, the healing and the friends and family along the way.


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  1. Hello sunshine,
    I have read your expressions….your journey….it is real… inhibitions… lies…the reality is raw but not confronting…I wish I was with you ….to share your emotional flight……your
    inner strength will surface….and take you to another space….you are in my thoughts
    I am sending you all my energies and love….please be strong….we know you can do it.
    love you Judy.

  2. Hey Jude

    You must feel very alone at times, but we are all behind you.

    xx Jan

  3. Hi Judy
    I was so sorry to hear you weren’t well.
    Looking forward to reading the blog and hearing how things are going.


  4. I have never met you Jude, but glad we are now connected I have not been living in your area for a while now but knew your name when I was involved in with the gallery I had a show there in 04.I am sorry that I never met you may be one day.I wish you luck on your new journey not one you would have chosen to take I am sure. there is strength in the sisterhood of artists. Cheers Judy Rook

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  6. Nola & Eddy Bassett

    Just saw the website with the happy-snap Judy!!
    keep up that gorgeous smile.
    Love Nola

    • HI NOla & Eddy so good to hear from you and to share the journey. How did Bill get on with his tests? Will pass on greetngs to the family- will see more of mum soon when I go to Sunshine Coast for Radiation Therapy cheers Jude

  7. Jude,

    I am one of the odd folks with whom Mike has been communicating via wordplay for several years. Mike was kind enough to point us to your blog recently and has kept us up to date on your past several months’ ordeal. I stood in Mike’s shoes for a few years; my Wendy was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2000, a year after the birth of our youngest daughter. I was with her through chemo and radiation and a mastectomy (she opted for just the one side) and shots to increase her white blood count and blood transfusions and neurological clinics and metastasization and remission and recurrence and an ovarectomy and a hysterectomy and other visits and clinics (she was Type I insulin-dependent diabetic besides, diagnosed in 1993). She endured all this while in her 30’s. So I want to encourage you that, while all this may go on longer than you expected or wanted or believe you can possibly stand, you can go through and still be strong.

    God bless you, Jude, and, because I’ve been there, God bless Mike, too.

  8. Hello, was your mother in Ryde Hosp in the ’70s? I think she was a friend of my mother’s. I’m very admiring of your writings.

    • Hi Suze yep that was Moira Pippen- we were all involved in a car accident at the time. Dad was killed and mum hospitalized for 9 months. I was out in 3 weeks or so and out of the convent where I had been a Sister of Mercy for 8 years to take care of family affairs and return to normal life! So it was a huge time of change for us- what was you mum’s name?- my mum is still live at 88.

  9. Alex Penhaligon

    Hi Jude,
    It was great to see you looking well and enthusiastic despite your recent heavy virus.You never cease to amaze me that even after all you have been through and still handling, you can still give back. Hope you are still dancing , Alex.

    • Delighted to hear that Elise Cook has discovered you! Another family member in good hands! AM having a garage sale this weekend so shedding is the theme! Jude

  10. Hey there Judy – I had heard about your cancer diagnosis and this blog but hadn’t found it until today after Brad’s ABC Open piece. My Mum is also a survivor (15 years now) as are a few friends.

    Jeanie (aka Sophie in real life)


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